AfterShock: what to do when the doctor gives you -- or someone you love -- a devastating diagnosis, Jessie Gruman Ph.D.

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APPENDIX B: Digging Deeper: A Guide to Greater Expertise

Appendix B expands on the resources available in Appendix A by offering more detailed information about how to learn about your condition. Resources include social networks and patient-led websites, advice about treatment options and how to judge news stories relevant to your condition.

A small sample of resources from the appendices in the 2010 edition of AfterShock were reviewed and updated in June 2014. No further updates are anticipated.

Sample Resources:

The American Academy of Family Physicians is a professional society that offers information relevant to specific conditions.

Patients Like Me is an example of a social support website that contains several patient communities that share and compile their treatment decisions and outcomes. The information is compiled by patients.

The Mayo Clinic has a public health site which contains "decision tools" that help you decide what kind of treatment is best for your condition. Videos and slide shows explain several diseases and medical procedures.

Health News Review is a program of the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making and is published by the University of Minnesota. It grades breaking media reports on new medical findings for accuracy, balance and completeness.